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Joshua Tree
The Rosamond Skypark is a privately-owned and operated residential skypark located in Southern California's Antelope Valley (AKA "Aerospace Valley"). Our FAA designator is L00 (Lima-Zero-Zero) and our airport is open for public use. This website is operated by the Rosamond Skypark Association as a service to our owner/members. We also provide various items of interest to pilots and the general public.

Welcome to the Skypark Website

Current Happenings & Notices:

Board of Directors Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of the Skypark Directors will be 6 PM, Thursday, December 10th. in the Skypark building.

(Internet Attendance Option Available)

Annual Meeting

Our annual General Membership Meeting remains scheduled for January 19th of 2021.

Unfortunately, the current COVID situation shows no signs of restrictions abating to any significant degree by that date.  This obviously would seriously impact our normal  social hour - catered meal - group meeting format.

At our November  Board meeting it was agreed the worst-case fallback will be to hold a virtual meeting with in-person attendance limited to whatever maximum group is then allowed (currently 10 persons), meaning essentially the Board and those volunteers serving as the Inspector of Elections staff.

The possibility of preserving the social catered-meal format in some form obviously does exist and we will continue to evaluate the situation.

Worst case: When it all blows over, expect a bang-up summer festival occasion with the (already budgeted) catered meal only delayed!!