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Joshua Tree
The Rosamond Skypark is a privately-owned and operated residential skypark located in Southern California's Antelope Valley (AKA "Aerospace Valley"). Our FAA designator is L00 (Lima-Zero-Zero) and our airport is open for public use. This website is operated by the Rosamond Skypark Association as a service to our owner/members. We also provide various items of interest to pilots and the general public.

Current Happenings & Notices:

Board of Directors Meeting

The next regular Board meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Thursday, October 13th

All owners are welcome to attend these meetings of the Board, held in the Skypark Building. 

We also stream the meetings** via the GoToMeeting service. The log-in information is available from the homepage of our Owner's section, or you can contact John Wilson. 

** Due to cost and very low owner participation, we plan to drop the internet streaming of meetings when the current application subscription runs out.  Please let the Board know if you feel this service should be retained.

Volunteers Needed!

Inflation is the big story right now, but although our HOA assessments have been increased a few times since our inception in 1985, they are still a LONG way below the 180% rise in the CPI since then.

A key factor in holding our costs down is that we remain a volunteer-administered project, avoiding the pricy management contracts that make up a large percentage of other HOA budgets.  To the greatest extent possible, we also try to do routine upkeep & repairs using the services of volunteer owners.

Also, it's not too soon to consider serving on the 2023 Board.  We also need at least one volunteer for the Architectural Committee.

New Skypark Phone #

The  Association is retiring it's long-time "888" number for a less expensive service.
Our new 661 number:   475-2600.

Wile primarily maintained as a way to accept "external" calls, owners are also welcome to use it to leave a voicemail for your Board members.