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Joshua Tree
The Rosamond Skypark is a privately-owned and operated residential skypark located in Southern California's Antelope Valley (AKA "Aerospace Valley"). Our FAA designator is L00 (Lima-Zero-Zero) and our airport is open for public use. This website is operated by the Rosamond Skypark Association as a service to our owner/members. We also provide various items of interest to pilots and the general public.

Current Happenings & Notices:


The next meeting of the Board will be on Thursday, June 8th,  6:00 PM in the Skypark building, 4000 Knox Avenue

Owners are always welcome at these meetings.

Call it an Exercise Program
(Just kidding .. sorta)

A big factor in keeping our HOA dues under control in the face of constant inflation in the cost of everything has been our "do it ourselves" policy in our Skypark's upkeep & operation. 

Unlike most HOAs, we don't go out and hire someone to do stuff we have the collective ability to do ourselves. Because of this policy, our residential HOA dues, in inflation adjusted terms, have actually DECREASED by more than 25% since 1987 even while our financal position has hugely improved (we were basically broke in 1987!)

So, here's the pitch:  

Last winter's rains, while welcome, have produced a bumper crop of grass & weeds this spring which will need extra effort to control.  In addition we have the usual homeowner-type periodic crisis jobs like sprinkler system failures, electrical problems with runway lighting, etc.

All this is straining our core volunteer group, and basically we simply need more participation.   Ideally, we would like to implement & develop a roster of owners who are willing to help out, and the Board will be discussing the subject in upcoming meetings.

In the meantime:   If you have the desire, time & ability to help out with our routine maintenance chores, or with the somewhat more technical "plumbing", electrical and/or mechanical glitches which come up, please let the Board know of your availability and we will put you "on the list".